Sonoma Church December 2010

Sonoma Church December 2010

This year so far, has been insane. I don’t know any other word to describe it other than insanity. We have taken the gospel to thousands of people outside the church via our daily lives, and our Saturday Outreaches. Individuals and churches have been inspired to start up their own outreach using their own style to share the love of God.

We visited hospitals, shelters, homeless people, families, we did chores for each other and begged God in prayer for each other as if we were praying and begging God for ourselves.

Our Friday night youth have begun reading their bibles, inquiring more about Jesus. And remember – most of them are not church folk.

It’s been a hard month, in fact, December has been the hardest month of 2010 for Sonoma. Yes, we’ve had amazing great times, services have been great, Jesus is changing lives for the better, there is a lot of praising going on.

We even got sound equipment, the basics – microphones and loudspeakers, which have been making all the difference in the world for our musicians and speakers.

We’ve had guests traveling from very far away to visit our services. Humbling to us!

Yes, lots of praises, but there’s a lot of mourning as well. We are being heavily persecuted, and it’s taking it’s toll.

On Christmas day, we did an Outreach – we handed out delicious hot chocolates and donuts at Gage park, delighting the residents of Brampton. People kept trying to give us money or asked us how much we were charging, of course we weren’t charging anything which delighted them even more.

The weather is very cold so Outreach is hard, but it feels good to have outreach back up and running full force after a long hard Autumn pause.

We hope your 2010 was amazing, remember Jesus loves you!

ps: During one of our services, our speaker was giving a testimony of how he found comfort in his Bible, one of our precious youth tapped me on the shoulder and asked “excuse me, how much does a bible cost?” Haha, at Sonoma, they are free. And that one comment from a precious young lady made every struggle during 2010 worth it. 🙂