We see Paul leave when the unbelievers became abusive in Acts chapter 19, and you can do this in your own life. You don’t have to be a doormat for everyone. It’s true that Jesus took plenty of abuse from people but He also abandoned entire cities if the people refused to turn to Him. The Bible says that if the people reject you, leave, go somewhere else because God has plenty of people who will accept you.

Next, think long term. Notice how Paul would plant himself somewhere for years. I find that Christian people are delusional about how much time it takes to start and finish something successful.

Business experts say that it takes on average, 5 years for a business to become successful, but most people quit around month 6. I know some people who quite after 1 week.

Experts say it takes a marriage 9 years to become successful, but the average divorce happens around year 7.

Experts say that it takes a pastor 3 years to gain steam in whichever church he starts working in, but the average pastor quits in year 2.

They say the average person finds out what they want to do with their life by the age of 34. However most of the people I know, have thoroughly destroyed their life long before that time, so that when they finally get a big dream, they are unable to follow up with it anyway.

Thank God that He’s so merciful to us and promises to fully restore us and give us second chances when we’ve messed things up. God did extraordinary miracles through Paul over the years, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left those who were possessed.

Wow, talk about great power! Paul used to be a real scumbag, murdering Christian people left right and center and after giving his own life to Jesus and spending many years serving God, he’s able to do these insanely incredible miracles.

It’s easy for us to get jealous of people like Paul but actually we can do great things to. Maybe we can’t supernaturally heal someone’s sickness, but also in a way we sort of can.

You know for like $30 you can provide surgery for a child in Africa to restore their eyesight.

For about $250 you can provide a fresh water system for a small village, saving hundreds of lives forever.

You can volunteer with us when we do our outreaches, there’s no real cost to that and you’ll put a smile on many peoples faces. I do hospital visits alone, there’s no real cost other than maybe parking and the doctors say that Christian prayer has been scientifically proven to extend the length and quality of life of hospital patients. Yet every time I invite you people to do hospital visits with me, nobody comes.

Prayer works. You can pray for people who are suffering, and God will move and do something good.

Don’t ever make up excuses that you can’t serve God because you don’t have the resources, I promise you, you have resources right now to deliver miracles to people but you refuse to use them.