Have you ever seen those psychic or prosperity preachers on tv giving their predictions or prophecies? Notice how 100% of the time they are saying something very positive? “Yes, I just made contact with your grandmother and she’s telling me she’s in a good place right now and your uncle charlie says hello!”

“Oh, God wants you to have a mansion and a new luxury car, prove your faith in God by sending me some money.” This is the exact opposite of the bible. When Jesus gave an example of people who are alive in the afterlife, they weren’t all in heaven, some were in hell! And each time the Holy Spirit speaks in the book of Acts, He says something horrible to Paul. “You’re going to be arrested, you’re going to be tortured, you’re going to be killed for Jesus.” He never tells Paul about a mansion or new luxury car or anything of the sort.

And yet Paul says, ‘The Lords will be done’. It’s one of the toughest prayers to pray because chances are, the Lords will is often times be different from our will.

And this is why people prefer prosperity preachers and tv evangelists and psychics instead the Holy Spirit, because the former are always saying good nice positive things about prosperity and easy breezy living while the Holy Spirit is telling the truth: that this world is mostly controlled by Satan and we must obey the Lord Jesus in order to be saved.

For some of us, family members will prevent us from doing God’s will. Jesus said that following Him will cause division in your family. You’ll want to follow God but your family and friends will want you to go with them instead. The bible says you’ll either be a people pleaser, or a God pleaser, but you can’t be both. And so you’ll have to make some tough decisions in life once in a while if you want to follow Jesus.

And the Lord’s will is often times the hard path that leads to eternal life. Jesus Himself said most people choose the other path, the easy fun path that leads to hell.