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Some church plants have launched with $1M in the bank and have shut down, some have succeeded. Some church plants have launched with $0 in the bank (like us) and have shut down, some have succeeded (which is what we are hoping for us). There are plenty of church planting seminars and courses and coaches and books, and they all make sense when you read them, until you actually launch a church. When you think of an obstacle course you think of one obstacle at a time, but in church planting you face multiple obstacles at the same time, and how you handle one effects all the others.

Again this month, we saw what looked like an incredibly successful new-church (this time in Burlington) grow to 200+ in only 4 years and then shut down abruptly.

People are the factor that changes everything. You can have people who are nothing but a nightmare to deal with, others who are nothing but a blessing. As a church, you don’t get to choose who walks through the door or even who comes back.

This August, Sonoma Church is enjoying the spiritual growth and physical shrinkage we’ve had compared to last year in August. Testimonies from people of all ages about how God is changing their life, participation in several missions trips, lots of community outreach, the list goes on.

Our pastor (one of the founders of Sonoma Church) almost died, and we said goodbye to our worship leader and her husband as they’ve moved to Quebec.

In some ways we are stuck, in some ways we are moving backwards. In other ways we are moving forward. We aspire to be like some other churches that are seemingly running smoothly, and recently a local church pastor said his amazing church aspires to be more like us. LOL.