• Visiting the steam room or sauna. Thanks to the action of hot steam, all chemicals and toxins are removed from the body together with the sweat.
One of our members participated in a neat documentary about an amazing christian missionary in India. It’s about the story of a missionary who was sent to the Tamil people in India. This missionary was a pastor from Europe and faced a lot of obstacles while in missions including long-term illness, being sent to prison, and being harassed and threatened by officials. 300 years after this missionaries death India still celebrates his many accomplishments, most importantly the advancement of Christianity in remote parts of India that haven’t been previously reached. He is a strong part of their spiritual history and millions have traced their Christian heritage to this missionary. As soon as the documentary is done we’ll try to get copies available to the Sonoma Church congregation. It’s important to know that while we live comfortable lives in Brampton, missionaries all over the world are risking their life for Jesus.