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Good fruits

by Sonoma Church

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Back to the Future

by Sonoma Church

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Sonoma Church 100%

by Sonoma Church

100% – that’s the amount of effort we put into 2012. Prayers. Fasting. Worship and good old fashioned hard work (anyone remember hard work?). Not 99% effort, but a full 100% effort. During 2012, we collected clothing and health supplies for Brampton’s homeless, and toys for children who have no families (about 680+). We conducted […]

Happy New Year 2012!

by Sonoma Church

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Hot Weather – Hot Faith – Sonoma Church

by Sonoma Church

Our friends at the Meeting House church celebrated their 25th anniversary in June, and we were very glad to see that happen. They’ve been a huge blessing to so many people including us. We hope Sonoma Church will one day celebrate a 25th, we haven’t even celebrated a first year as yet. But God willing, […]

October Thanksgivings

by Sonoma Church

This has been the most eventful, and incredible summer ever. We’ve had tremendous successes and failures, we’ve been under attack by principalities and powers in high places, we’ve gained huge favor, we’ve been exiled, we’ve been hard pressed, we’ve been crushed. We’ve been strengthened.  I imagine billions of people in heaven watched the whole thing, […]