Free candy canes and donuts at Gage Park

Free candy canes and donuts at Gage Park

We started 2011 the right way. We also ended 2011 the right way. The year was a roller coaster, we celebrated our first birthday, took losses and gains, saw God move in incredible ways.

In December we had our soup kitchen volunteer night, which is very hard work, and there’s always much help needed for cleanup which is the hardest part.

On Friday December 9th we headed over to Queensway Church for their annual Christmas Play, it was awesome to see our friends in the production.

We substituted speaker night for a prayer night, and on Friday December 16 we gathered up dozens of great Christmas presents for small children and filled up the Salvation Army barrel at the Jim Arch rec centre.

In December 30th we had family ice skate night, which is always a fun night.

To summarize 2011. Grateful. Grateful for God’s goodness to us. New friends. New partnerships. New believers. Well wishes, not just from Brampton but all over, countries in Africa, Europe, USA.

So grateful for our precious young ones who have newly dedicated or rededicated their life to Christ. They spend time reading their bible and praying, they work hard, they are such an inspiration.

We are grateful to God for all of this.