Sept 21 Sonoma Church Service

Sept 21 Sonoma Church Service

They come to a Christian church service in Brampton to make a new friend, to listen to music, to eat free snacks, to sober up, to mourn, to vent, or just sit down and pray. Some are lonely and all they want is a hug.

Some wont come to the church but will come to small groups on a different day. Some won’t come to small groups but they’ll talk to us on the sidewalk when we are doing outreach. Some won’t come to anything in person, they’ll just email us or phone us for prayer regularly. Some will come to our actual service location but will stand outside the front door, hoping to chat with us, but to scared to come inside.

We love them all.

They have prayer requests and questions regarding drugs, peer pressure, sex, relationships, children, depression, self-cutting, eating disorders, divorce and everything else. Children talk about fighting parents and parents talk about teens heading down the wrong path.

They are all ages. Most of them find hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In September 2012 we covered topics including forgiveness, revenge, hope and salvation. Some of the junior highs like to ride their scooters during bible study, while the senior highs ask endless questions. Parents and grandparents sit quietly, leaving their questions for after.

Worship night included the most complicated setup we’ve had to do so far. Our sound tech had an injured shoulder and a broken leg, complete with 2 crutches. He did a setup for 16 performers. We didn’t even have 1 power outlet left to plug in our red cross lamp that most people look for in our window.

It was the first time this year we had a projector during a worship service. Back in 2011 we rented one by the skin of our teeth.

Sidewalk ministry is where we stand on sidewalks and talk to people, inviting them to our concerts and movie nights and bible studies. It’s been a big hit so far.

Outreach at Centennial Park (Queen and Kennedy) saw over 500 people. We face-painted 100 kids, gave 60 gifts, talked to 85 parents. We took prayer requests & 27 people expressed interest in attending our church.

We’ve been invited to do interviews and Outreach at different churches and we are currently training several churches on how to do effective local outreach in their area.

We still haven’t officially launched yet. No Sunday services until we meet certain criteria, and we have a long way to go. But people are getting saved, healed, delivered by the power of Jesus. Leaders are being raised up. Local and international missions projects are underway. We haven’t reached the 2 year mark yet but we have great successes and failures under our belt.

“Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5, The Holy Bible