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Anyone here read the book Childhood’s End? Did you see the tv show based on the book? In the book, planet earth is just as it is right now, in a state of suffering. Along comes a mysterious being who promises that if the people just obey him then they’ll get everything they want right away with no work to do on their part. Lots of money, good health, even a sort of peace on earth.

Of course the people can’t resist the offer so they accept. They ask if they can see this mysterious being but he says no, not right now but later on in life in many years. Many years later things are almost just as promised. Good economy, good health, pretty much peace on earth. The day comes for the being to show himself for the people to see and when he exposes himself.

And so half the people are shocked that they have been following a devil and the other half the people couldn’t care less because they are getting what they want.

The creature bans Christianity and crosses and bibles and churches and everyone must obey him in order to continue receiving goodies. Finally after many years of great prosperity, the satanic looking creature tells the truth, that he will kidnap all the earths children and he will destroy the planet earth and kill all of humanity: and that’s how the book ends.

We can follow Satan or we can follow Jesus. Satan can give us temporary comfort but eternal torture in hell. Jesus offers us temporary DISCOMFORT on earth but eternal comfort in heaven.

And so you need to pick who you’ll follow.

And if you follow Jesus, we need to be focused on our mission. We need to be focused on our eternal destination. Satan has fooled too many of us into a life of complacency and make us think we are doing very well in life when we are really just wasting away and hurling our self towards hell.

What are you waiting for? How much more time will you spend doing nothing and when do you really plan on doing something for God?

Childhood’s end was a good book and I guess if Satan ever wrote a book that would be it. Jesus also wrote a great book. In it He tells us the truth. That He is trying to save us from our sins and from Satan and if we will live our life for Him and put our faith in Him and obey Him then He will give us all of our desires and we’ll get to enjoy them forever and forever.

For those of you who are lukewarm Christians, I think you’re a bunch of complacent sissy’s who are half with God and half with Satan I feel sorry for you and the bible tells you all about the hellfire you’re going to burn in one day.