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God cares so much about saving souls that He’s even willing to allow His children to a take a little bit of persecution here and there, once in a while for the purpose of furthering His kingdom. That doesn’t mean we put our self into a situation where we will be abused and that doesn’t mean we welcome people who want to hurt us, but it means that sometimes God will allow his children to be persecuted in order to further the faith.

Every week after worship, we watch someones testimony on the big screen. Most of us enjoy them and I rarely hear any complaints. Those people come from all walks of life, young and old, male and female and Jesus changed their life and their life is all about Jesus.

Over the last year in the book of Acts, we got to hear the testimony of many people from a long time ago. Business people, politicians, sophisticated people, simple people, the rich, the poor, the weak the strong and they identify them self now as Christians. Not because they go to church once in a while or because they got baptized as a baby but because they live their life daily for Jesus and their life isn’t about business or school or wealth or poverty or art or music, their life is about Jesus.

I say this because I think some of us have forgotten where our passion is supposed to be directed. Our passion should be for God. Our passion should be to love Him and serve Him and lead people to Him no matter what our life circumstances. Notice how the scripture here says Paul received an assignment from God. We’ve all received the exact same assignment from God. To spread the message about Jesus to everyone on earth and to live a life of obedience to Jesus. How are you doing on your assignment?

God can’t stand lukewarm Christians. He promises that lukewarm Christians will not go to heaven, in the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, He promises to reject Christians who serve Him halfheartedly.

And we have no problem with being passionate do we? We’re passionate about a certain tv show, we’re passionate about a musician, we’re passionate about social media to the point where we waste hours on end, we’re passionate about sports, we’re passionate about money or we’re passionate about a certain topic.

What about God? Because in the end the only thing that will matter is the life you lived for God, a lot of people are going to regret the way they lived their life.

It’s so hard to catch up from a life that was wasted. But God is able to do it for you if you’ll obey Him. Give your life to Jesus and live for Jesus and He will erase many of your regrets and fill your life with victory.

Paul knew the solution. Here in the scripture he once again confesses his sin. He tells the people plain and simply that he used to be a murderer and helped to promote the murder of many Christians until he himself became a Christian. He doesn’t dwell on his sin, he doesn’t go on and on about it but he does include his sin in his testimony.

And you have no testimony if you don’t confess your sins. And you have no relationship with God unless you confess your sins to God and you are not a Christian if you don’t know that you are a sinner. And you can’t get into heaven unless you’ve asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Paul continues his story to the people by telling of his dramatic conversion. He gives his life to Jesus which is something I’ve been telling you week after week for years now.

Finally Paul says the thing that makes people angry beyond belief. He lives his life for Jesus daily and aims to fulfill the will of Jesus by leading as many people to Jesus as possible.

Friends, Satan wants you to live your life far from God. Call yourself a Christian if you want but just live a life of sin and selfishness. Wear a cross around you neck, but live for yourself. Live for your family. Live for your education or your career, just do not live your life for Jesus because that means you’ll be directly opposing Satan.

You’d be shocked to see how many Christians are actually helping Satan everyday with the disgusting way we live. And I’m included in on this, we are either helping God or we are helping Satan. We are either obeying God or we are obeying Satan.