I don’t mean do you WANT to serve God, but I mean, DO you serve God?

I hear a lot of people say “oh, I’ve been a Christian all my life.” And my response is “oh, so when will you actually start serving God then?”

Serving God is a humbling experience. It involves setting aside your plans and goals once in a while to do something that God tells you. It sometimes involves canceling a vacation. It sometimes means tightening your belt. It means a lot of tears. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

Many Christians won’t participate in difficult tasks. They say “well it will be expensive, it will be difficult, it will take a long time, it will make me emotional, it might fail, so I won’t anything at all.”

And this can become a persons response to life itself. They try to avoid sadness and they do nothing with their life, and their life becomes sad.

If you want to follow God, there will be tears involved. God promises in the Bible that in the end, He will turn your tears into tears of joy.

Serving God means severe testing. And you have to pass those tests in order to move onto the next level. Some of us are stuck where we are because we refuse to pass the test. We refuse to make the changes required to pass. To study harder. To act better, to live better. To stop those old bad habits. To get along with people. To stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Following God involves regular testing, and you simply have to pass in order to move forward. I’m completely shocked by the vast number of Christians who want promotion, but they don’t want to pass the test required for the promotion!

Paul’s only aim in life was to finish the task Jesus gave to him: The task of testifying the good news of God’s grace. I constantly hear people say “God put me on this earth to make music, God put me on this earth to design clothing, God put me on this earth to dance.”

And those are all cute and nice things, nothing wrong with those things, but let me clarify for you, if you’re a Christian, God has put you on this earth to spread the good news about Jesus, the talent that He gives you is what you use to accomplish that mission.

Each of us has the same mission in life, to spread the message of Jesus to everyone. Each of us has our own talents to get that mission done. Some of us need to clean our house. Physically and metaphorically speaking.

Some of us, need to go home tonight and delete a whole bunch of people from our lives. It might sound harsh but it’s a good thing. It will be good for you and it will be good for them. Sometimes people hold each other back instead of pushing each other forward. Every new year I take a look at the people who do nothing but waste my time and cause me stress and I consider cutting them out of my life.

God is moving forward with or without us, if we have people in our life holding us back from God, we might have to make some hard decisions to follow them or to follow God.

Some of us need to improve our work ethics. Show up on time. Gosh, show up early even! Do fantastic work, be a blessing to our work place.