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Jesus saves people all over the world

Jesus saves people all over the world

Sonoma Church celebrated it’s second birthday in November 2012. We are still new, but we are moving forward day by day.

Our first round of baptism requests are in, new people are giving their life to Christ regularly, visitors are turning into members, members are turning into team members.

We have babies dancing during service, and grandparents. We are receiving regular testimonies about the transforming power of Jesus from our people and are overjoyed (not to mention overwhelmed).

We now have a tea kettle and coffee machine complete with hot chocolate, marsh-mellows and different teas.

On Friday November 2 we had our official birthday party, 2 hours of nonstop dance and food and fun. Can you believe that someone gave their life to Christ at a Christian dance party?

On Friday November 9 we didn’t have our auditorium so we had a family ice-skate night. Most of the children and teens skated while parents watched and handed out donuts and treats to everyone.

Friday November 16 was the start of our 101 series with a sermon about how to follow Jesus properly. To recap the absolute basics of following Jesus; Decide to follow Jesus, Confession of your sins, Repentance (ask God for forgiveness), Become a part of a church, Be baptized, Daily Bible time,  Daily Prayer time, Daily Worship, Faith / Trust and last but not least – Work.

Friday November 23 was Family Movie Night.  Again, another new dedication to Christ, more new volunteers, a baptism request. 120 total attenders, making Family Movie night our biggest indoor – outreach event so far.

Friday November 30 2012 was a great night of worship and prayer. The pastor spoke about how to deal with loss & pain. There was a short snow storm which caused a dip in attendance, about 40 people stayed the entire service, about 80 in total came. 1 new dedication to Jesus and several new attenders have become volunteers.