Saving Children

Saving Children

Our friends at the Meeting House church celebrated their 25th anniversary in June, and we were very glad to see that happen. They’ve been a huge blessing to so many people including us. We hope Sonoma Church will one day celebrate a 25th, we haven’t even celebrated a first year as yet. But God willing, we will. Happy Birthday again, Meeting House! May God bless you in every way. 🙂

Can you believe half the year is over? The time just flies by so fast.

In June we’ve been emphasizing that the ‘grass is not greener on the other side’ and that you should not envy people who are seemingly doing much better than you. Situations change. Things are not always as they seem.
Each month we pray over many prayer requests, this month we prayed for a boy who was admitted to the hospital for an unknown sickness (as of the writing of this blog, the doctors have not made an official diagnosis), he lost a lot of weight rapidly and wasn’t in full consciousness, and had to have a feeding tube and breathing apparatus attached to keep him going, after a few hard weeks in the hospital he gained weight, showed signs of improvement and the hospital released him to go home. As of the writing of this blog he’s feeling happy and recovering slowly. Thank you to those of you who were / are praying!

A young couple, married through an arranged marriage – the wife wants to know more about Jesus, but she says that her husband forbids it, and instead demands that he be worshiped as God. He allegedly told her that he is her God and she can follow other gods, just not Jesus. This has put her in a very tough spot, as you can imagine. Please keep that situation in your prayers, apparently this situation is common in certain cultures.

Over the last few months we’ve been teaming up with churches in the area and this has added new dimensions to our events.

For instance we haven’t had a straight up worship night in a long time, so we setup a sort of last minute affair, the sound setup wasn’t ideal, the lighting was just plain awful but it was all for Jesus and the best we could do at the time. We invited about 600 people in total. Keep in mind that it was last minute. Doors opened around 6:30 as usual, At 7pm there was like 1 person there. At 7:30pm there was about 10 people. At 8pm there was about 50 people, at 830 there was at least 100, probably 115 or more. Youth, young adults, parents and even babies. Amazing night of worship, intimate testimonies and just good closeness to God. The worship was so intimate and loving, the testimonies that were shared were very private and encouraging. Jesus was there, doing His thing. Lives were changed. We ended the night thinking “we need to do this more often.” Surprisingly, after the worship night, we received complaints – yes complaints – from people who did not receive invites who wanted to come! We realized that we need to improve our communications drastically so this never happens again, nobody should be left out.

Outreach participated in a clothing drive where we gave away enough slightly used and  some new clothing to supply several families.

For the past few months Sonoma Church has been participating and promoting a project called “Trade in Hope” – Fighting Child Sex Slavery in America. We participated in the fundraiser itself (over 300 people did) and we also raised awareness for the project through our small group of youth and young adults. Do you know that the average age that a child enters prostitution in America is 12 years old? The statistics are very similar in Canada as well. If you’ve been to our downtown Toronto outreaches then you’ve probably been with us to areas heavily affected by child prostitution. We aren’t affiliated with the Trade in Hope project in any official way whatsoever but we are very strong supporters of them.

Also outreach helped provide and serve meals for 25 homeless people in the month of June.

We received a text message from a friend who had approached us last year asking if he could come to outreach with us, and bring along some of his church members so that they could learn how to do it and then start their own. Of course the answer to that is always yes. He faithfully came to outreach after outreach, evangelism nights mostly. In his note he described how last week he lead his very first outreach and it went very well. This is not the first church we’ve helped inspire to start their own outreach, and we feel it’s a great victory for the Kingdom. Imagine if every church in Canada took one day per week to share the gospel with the community.

Congratulations to our youth who are graduation high school this year! Wow, what a journey!

Finally, we are grateful for the emails and phone calls from parents, pastors and general supporters giving us encouragement, your kind words have been food and medicine for us. The weather is heating up, and so is our faith in Jesus. We are still tiny and new and struggling in many ways but wow, God is so good to us, and whatever little we have – it’s all His.

Smile! Jesus loves you!

Scriptures for this month include: Philippians 1:12, Luke 8:1, Jeremiah 33:3, Proverbs 30:25, Colossians 3:14, Psalm 143:10.