So there were some other religious people, they didn’t follow Jesus, but they wanted to do the same incredible miracles that they saw Jesus followers doing. So they tried to cast out a demon from a man who became popular because of how demon possessed he was. The men even tried to use Jesus name and Saint Paul’s name when casting out the demon.

The demon finally says to the men “Jesus I know, and Paul I know to, but who are you?”

After this, the demons beat up the men, strips them naked, humiliates them and chases them away, they barely got away alive.

The bible says that Satan controls a huge army of demons, and they are just looking for a way to get into your life to hurt you and pull you away from God. Some of us have let demons into our own life with our words and our sinful behavior. But we can always turn to Jesus and He will remove these demons from us. The bible tells us that even just at the mention of Jesus name, all the demons in hell tremble in fear.

Furthermore notice how these men were very much religious men, but were not able to cast out the demon. Only Jesus is God. Only Jesus and His followers can cast out demons. Every other god is fake and powerless.

And this brings me to my next point, at the mention of Jesus name, every demon in hell trembles in fear. What’s your response though?

Do you use Gods name as a curse word?

Do you have friends who use Jesus name as a curse word?

It is a flat out sin to use God’s name in vain. If you’re using God’s name, the name of Jesus as a curse word, the Bible says that God promises 100% to punish you. You will be punished. It will be harsh. Don’t use God’s name in vain ever. Use your own name in vain if you want, use your moms names vain if you have to, don’t use God’s name in vain, His name is Holy.

And if you do, if you even hang out with those who do, this will be you one day, you’ll be tormented by demons. You will be filled by demons. God’s name is Holy, and you should treat His name as if it is Holy.

If you have a friend who is using Gods name in vain, warn them once, warn them twice, but then cut them from your life, let them go to hell on their own if they insist, don’t let them drag you into hell with them.

Satan is looking for any way to get into your life, if you let him in, he’ll come in aggressively and will destroy you and I’ve seen people who use God’s name in vain and I’ve seen how God has allowed their life to be completely destroyed.

He says in the scripture that he promises that He will punish those who use His Holy name in vain. You’ll see your entire life collapse around you one day.

I’ve seen good peoples lives cursed, everything they do is cursed because they too often use Gods name in vain.