June Worship at Sonoma Church

June Worship at Sonoma Church

June was a very big and busy month for Sonoma Church.

Our Bible studies are never boring. They are fun, entertaining, insightful, in depth and effective. We apply our Bible studies to practical, daily living and cover topics such as sex, relationships, health, money, careers, faith, life, death and other important life topics. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll achieve all that God has for you! We had 3 Bible study nights in June 2012.

On Saturday June 2, we went enjoyed a great night of worship at an event called Tuned 2.0 and we’ve invited the worship leader to lead worship at Sonoma Church in December 2012.

We had a worship night with Amy Savin and Laura Osburn on Friday June 15 which was a fun, blessed night where we grew in our faith. It’s always fun to see people of all ages worshiping God together.

Movie night was great and it seems like the community is very interested in this monthly event that we do. We are going to have to get a bigger movie screen.

Outreach at Gage Park started again on Tuesday June 5th. Inspirational Music in the Park is in it’s 12th year, with 95 Christian artists performing again this year. So far we’ve had

– Dave Brown,  Estiban Lindsay, Don Reeves, Living Waters Music Team,  Onas Bailey, Shaneice Anthony,  Salvation Army Band,  The Divine Angels,  Rohan Grant, Andreanna Grabham,  Freddy Brown,  CHOSEN, David Francis, Morrissa Nicole, Ron Nagle,  Naomi Ishmael,  George Olliver,  Dianne Ticknor,  Christ Church Angican Worship Team, Pat Russell, Spanish Music Team.

Each Tuesday we give away a free worship CD to passer bys.   Song of the month at Sonoma Church: “Dare you to move” by Switchfoot