Dear Brother’s & Sister’s

I know that this is totally out of the blue, but I have something extremely important to tell you. So I hope and pray that you read this. There is a God that love’s you. That wants to guide your life. And who wants to have a relationship with you. He is the father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God loves us so much that he sent down his one and only Son to die for our sins. To me that is true love.

I was born on December 16th into the lives of 2 loving parents whom I call mom and dad. Today my parents are currently divorced and one re-married, but I still smile because I am so blessed to have 2 loving parents like mine. When I look back on my life, I see a lot of troubled times. From bullying to divorce, I wonder to myself how did I pull through it all? Bullying really took a toll on my life. Every day I felt trapped and alone, looking over my shoulders constantly so that I wouldn’t be attacked from behind. In my eyes, being bullied verbally made black eyes seemed painless. But through this hard time, God pulled me through it. 10 points for God!!! : ) God has blessed me with so much, and now I don’t take any of it for granted. Because of him I have an amazing passion for the arts. To be able to dance my feelings, to paint my dreams, and to sing my imagination is just incredible and I thank God everyday for what he has blessed me with. The one thing that I have realized over my life time, Is with everything that I’ve been through and everything that makes me who I am. I could not have done it without God. And now with everything that is happening with the world today such as; War, Porn, Poverty, Pain, Greed, Destruction, Death and many others things. We need god more than ever.

So here is a simple way to create a relationship with God. Try to do this when you’re alone and out loud. Tell god about your day. Trust me, he loves to hear about you day and how you are doing. I pray that god reveals his glory to you and that you build an amazing relationship with him. Amen.