We have sound equipment finally, LOL

The Sonoma Team spent New Years Eve and New Years doing Outreach in Brampton. We gave away almost 200 hot chocolates (delicious hot chocolates might I add) to a packed out Gage Park, there was music, fireworks and just plain great times. People were blessed, we got to share our testimonies with a lot of people.

One man read a testimony and came back to talk to us, another lady told us that more churches need to do what we are doing. We are humbled, we are doing this only by the grace of the Lord Jesus. After we finished at Gage Park, about 3 of us went hunting for more supplies (we ran out of cups etc) and we ended up taking a long drive up into the country, a great way to end one year and start another.

The month has been a time of stress, great stress, different things are falling apart while other things are falling together.

Impact has been amazing, we’ve been enjoying our sound equipment, frequently asked to turn the volume down by management, this brings great joy because before we had no sound equipment and you could barely hear anything. At one point we had nobody in the sanctuary and when our loud music started, about 40+ youth walked dancing and having a great time, most of them staying for the entire service. Parents have been telling us that IMPACT Youth is a great place for their children. The youth are growing in strength. They are reading the bible, spending time in worship and prayer everyday.

Wednesday night bible studies are always a refreshing and intimate time. We’ve been meeting at Tim Hortons, using the time to air out grievances, discuss drama and figure out how we will get past being persecuted.

Everyday is a hard struggle and we lean on Jesus for everything.