Citywide Live Concert CD from Miami Worship Choir

Really great worship!

March was a month where we started a few new projects.

We taught the youth that a lot of people who seemingly have perfect lives, should not be envied, because they are people, and all people have struggles. Divorces, failures, scandals, health problems, depression, losses, dreams going unfulfilled, these are things that everyone is subjected to, challenges that everyone will face at some point. Young people, will turn into old people. The decisions people make today effect them later on in life. That daily living is the best kind of future planning.

We’ve all dedicated ourselves to more prayer, more worship time. It means less facebook, less tv, less leisure, more Jesus.

We laid a lot at God’s feet. It’s been both scary and peaceful. We trust Him. Whatever He does to us is right.

God answers prayer. Even the toughest ones. Especially the toughest ones.

God can change any heart.

In the scope of eternity, a lot of the problems we go through are meaningless. They are not meaningless while we are going through them, that’s for sure. But they will be meaningless one day.

Outreach has been sending prayer and support to several projects, including The Nonparell Full Length Worship Album made by a group in Daytona Beach Florida and Citywide Live Concert CD from Miami Worship Choir in Miami Florida. (We figured it’s so cold here in Brampton we should support something that will remind us of warmth, LOL, well not really). They are fantastic people who are spreading the love of Jesus and we hope you’ll all support them if you can.

March has been rough, rotten, frigid. But it was also the beginning of great new things.