Possible t-shirt design

Possible t-shirt design

May has been a time of intense learning for Sonoma Church. Learning how to do things better. Embracing software for the church to help manage administrative tasks so that we have more time to spend loving the small congregation. Simplifying the ministry so that we can be more deeply involved with God and our people.

Emotionally and spiritually it’s been hard, but in a good way. There’s been tremendous growth.

As we head into summer, with a fun summer schedule for the youth and all kinds of missions opportunities with Outreach, we wonder if God will make 2011 as great as 2010. 2010 was, to say the least, exhilarating, non stop action.

We asked IMPACT Youth to reflect on the last 5 years of their life, which isn’t always easy for youth, who are having enough of a challenge getting through tumultuous teenage years, dealing with all of the craziness going on around them.

Back to Summer of 2010 – it was completely epic, I’m 100% sure we made history with all that happened. With that said, I want 2011 to be good, I don’t know if it can be as great as 2010, but gosh it’s worth a try, it’s worth investing prayer into.

Unfortunately a lot of great photographs and some short video clips that we wanted to post up were lost. 🙁

Our Outreach team does a lot of different things, it’s become difficult to keep track of. One of the things we do is a Saturday street evangelism ministry, where we go to different street corners and play music, give out free food (usually donuts) and hold up signs that say “Jesus Loves You” “Jesus Answers Prayer.” etc. We talk to people, pray with them, share God’s love with them.

For the last couple of years, crazy people have been telling us that the rapture would occur on May 21, 2011. It was easy to tell that they were wrong because 1.) Jesus said that we won’t know the day or the hour. 2.) The people who were pushing the theory weren’t the most loving people in the world, to say the least, they would have been happy if everybody goes to hell.

The rapture, by their crazy estimation was supposed to happen on Saturday May 21. By Sunday morning May 22, a lot of people were pissed and hurt. I feel bad for the followers of that teaching, especially the ones who sold all they had to prepare for May 21. I do feel that many of them loved Jesus and were simply misled by crazy theology. If you are reading this and you were / are one of those people, please know that Jesus loves you, He will heal you, and He will come back one day for you, and the message that needs to be spread is one of love and salvation, the forgiveness of sins through Jesus.

Jesus will come back one day, and I’m sure the May 21 fiasco will help to make sure that all of us are surprised.

God gave Sonoma a scary message in May. He told us “Be prepared to take or accept losses for the sake of the Kingdom of God.”

There’s so much to write about, there’s so much going on that I can’t even begin to write about it all.

Currently Outreach is trying to support efforts in Joplin, MO – an area that was brutally destroyed by a tornado.

IMPACT is trying to get some t-shirts designed, we can’t afford to buy them yet, but we will before the end of the year.

Bible studies haven’t really been happening, but we have been having some fun game nights and

get-togethers here and there. Through all the trials, all the troubles, all the persecution, there is progress.

It looks like Hiding Place Young Adults will be combined with IMPACT on Friday nights for a while, which is going to be a good thing.

One of the parents phoned up Sonoma a few days ago to thank us for what we’ve been doing, sometimes I find my head spinning, thinking “what the heck are we doing?”.