One of our first services

Our team put up over one hundred fliers in flier friendly places around Jim Arch in Brampton. About 48hrs later, most of them were vandalized, torn down, torn in half, etc, while the other fliers remained untouched.

Our website is hacked into and replaced with an Islamic Militant web page.

The group is getting antsy, we argue about the color schemes and whether or not we should do an offering, and what kind of music we should play and what pictures should show up on our printed materials. It’s all done in love.

Friday November 5, 2010 marked our very first IMPACT Youth service. We showed up at the facility early, nervous, thinking “what in the world are we doing”. We remind ourselves in prayer that are trying to do something for Jesus.

We don’t have sound equipment because we can’t afford it, so we are using a borrowed amp, it’s completely ghetto and sounds not-so-great but we are greatful.

The service was good, sharing testimonies and worshiping. At the end of the night we packed up and went to Tim Hortons, which seems to be our tradition at this point in time.

Each Friday a few new people show up, no big numbers, just curious onlookers hoping to find out more about Jesus.