If you saw us on our first day (November 4 2010) you would have easily believed in our survival, if you saw us on our first anniversary, you would have laughed and called us a joke. In our second year we had a big party and our third birthday was celebrated very quietly.

We celebrated our 4th birthday by talking about what kind of church we want to be moving forward. How we want to reach the community in 2015, what kinds of mission and outreach work we will do this time around.

Sonoma Church is a wonderful, friendly, crazy-insane-loving Christian church serving people in Brampton and Caledon. We aren’t very big and we aren’t very fancy, but what you get when you join is an instant family who will watch out for you and care for you like crazy. The amount of love you’ll receive from Jesus and from the members of Sonoma Church should pretty much heal every wound you have. Maybe not instantly, but in time.

A recent friend of ours from a local mega church visited us and after service said “Sonoma is one of the nicest churches I’ve ever seen”.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers and gives, to everyone who prays and encourages us. May God bless you and move you forward, may He heal you and give you clarity. May God fill you with joy and peace, so much so that you have enough to give to those around you. Jesus is Lord. Jesus loves you.