My name is Phylicia and I would just like to tell you how allowing Jesus Christ to take full control of my life has been the best decision I have ever, ever made! I became a Christian in 2005 after realizing that without God I would never be able to experience the type of joy, happiness, and prosperity that He intended me to have, and that I truly, truly needed. I realized that as much as I and other people around me may have thought that I was a good person, I wasn’t living my life the way that God intended me to. As a result, I was messing up the plan that He had created for me, and that I had created a very big distance between the both of us.

But after receiving Jesus Christ into my life at the age of 21, I became so aware of God’s power and unwavering love for me, and how living for Him has amazing benefits and rewards! Not only was I given the power through God’s Holy Spirit to overcome all types of temptation, but it enabled me to be confident in who He made me, and I was able to exercise self-control in every area of my life. On top of all of this, God kept my physically healthy, began to bless me in my finances, and opened doors for me that I never thought would open before!

For example, as a university student in the 5th year of my program I had accumulated a student debt of over $20, 000! But amazingly God allowed me, and my twin sister, who also received Jesus into her life, to both receive a scholarship of over $25, 000, and He placed us both in Graduate school to complete our Masters Degrees! And when my grandmother who I was extremely close with passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010, I thought I would be an emotional wreck and unable to come to terms with my family’s loss. But amazingly, God gave me and my family such an extreme and overwhelming sense of peace through it all, and I knew that because she had accepted Jesus Christ into her life she was undoubtedly with Him, living freely in Heaven. And, at the age of 23, I asked God to send me someone I could marry and spend the rest of my life with who He believed would be the best for me. I asked God to ensure that he fully believed in Him and had all of the qualities that I was looking for in a spouse. And, 8 months later, God sent me an amazing man who lives every day of his life for God, and He and I are planning to get married in the upcoming year!

Now though Jesus Christ has done all of these things for me in my life, I am still sometimes met with some difficult situations. But, the awesome thing is that because He is my Provider and cares for us so much, I never have to worry that I won’t be able to get through whatever comes my way. And amazingly, everything I have ever experienced has only made me stronger, and has caused me to rely solely on His ability to make everything right. I do sincerely hope that my words will encourage you to experience His incredible power and love all for yourself. I pray that Jesus continues to reveal Himself to you in all areas of your life! Hopefully one day you will choose to make the commitment to live fully for Him, and I promise you that He will turn your entire life around – no matter what you have done – and will give you all of the desires of your heart. 🙂