Worship in a basement

September marks the birth of a Church, which consists of a group of friends, meeting in cars, basements, parks, Tim Hortons, and other places to talk about Jesus, how we can get closer to Him, and spread His message of salvation to the city of Brampton and beyond.

We will design a website, setup a facebook page and twitter, gather up some photos and videos and look for a facility, equipment, supplies, musicians, speakers, and a whole host of other things. It’s a to-do list a mile long, a list that, as we mark things off still seems to be getting bigger and bigger. We put in a few hours each day, some of us working till all hours of the morning designing flyers, invitation cards, the website etc.

We hope to inspire young people, get the gospel to them and disciple them. Worship and serve God together.

September was a month of great attack, as Satan came after us from various angles, we achieve victory but it’s not without great cost. The team takes solace in prayer, and country drives that lead us parking along side numbered roads looking up at the star lit sky.

It’s a crazy undertaking, an insane project. A calling from God. We call this church, Sonoma.