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January, the month of Hot Chocolate at Gage Park

by Sonoma Church

The Sonoma Team spent New Years Eve and New Years doing Outreach in Brampton. We gave away almost 200 hot chocolates (delicious hot chocolates might I add) to a packed out Gage Park, there was music, fireworks and just plain great times. People were blessed, we got to share our testimonies with a lot of […]

November Insanity

by Sonoma Church

Our team put up over one hundred fliers in flier friendly places around Jim Arch in Brampton. About 48hrs later, most of them were vandalized, torn down, torn in half, etc, while the other fliers remained untouched. Our website is hacked into and replaced with an Islamic Militant web page. The group is getting antsy, […]

October Thanksgivings

by Sonoma Church

This has been the most eventful, and incredible summer ever. We’ve had tremendous successes and failures, we’ve been under attack by principalities and powers in high places, we’ve gained huge favor, we’ve been exiled, we’ve been hard pressed, we’ve been crushed. We’ve been strengthened.  I imagine billions of people in heaven watched the whole thing, […]