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Happy 5th Birthday Sonoma Church!

by Sonoma Church

Can you believe 5 years have past since we first launched? So far, 260 church services, 65 community outreaches in Brampton, 5 overseas mission trips, 2 orphanages built and so much more! Thank you to everyone who faithfully attends Sonoma every week and participates beyond the level of just a “church attender”, we pray that […]

We all stumble in many ways

by Sonoma Church

James chapter 3 says that we all stumble in many ways. We give our life to Jesus, He forgives us of ours sins and unfortunately we all continue to sin in one way or another. Hopefully not on purpose like we used to before we were saved. I like the fact that James mentions this, […]

Happy Birthday Sonoma Church in Brampton

by Sonoma Church

Some of the unchurched people were confused as to why we celebrate the birthday of a church. In November 2013 Sonoma Church celebrated its 3rd birthday. This is a birthday most church plants don’t see. Confused people ask us “is it a persons birthday?”. And we’d say “no, our church is 3 years old.” And […]

Beyond Empires

by Sonoma Church • Visiting the steam room or sauna. Thanks to the action of hot steam, all chemicals and toxins are removed from the body together with the sweat.One of our members participated in a neat documentary about an amazing christian missionary in India. It’s about the story of a missionary who was sent to the […]

Back to the Future

by Sonoma Church

Some church plants have launched with $1M in the bank and have shut down, some have succeeded. Some church plants have launched with $0 in the bank (like us) and have shut down, some have succeeded (which is what we are hoping for us). There are plenty of church planting seminars and courses and coaches […]

Beauty in the breakdown

by Sonoma Church

Our membership breakdown: 52% attend because of an outreach we did, this is so awesome 33% attend because one of our current members invited them, again, awesome 10% attend because they saw an advertisement, which sucks, we wish this number was higher. Why is advertising so completely ineffective? Apparently people are saying that Brampton residents […]

We plant and water, Jesus causes growth

by Sonoma Church

The sermon topics of the month included “Can you love God and still hate people?” and “How to move away from your past”, which ended up creating a lot of follow up questions and prayer from the group. Nice! Sonoma Church loves church planting, and the GTA needs more great churches to spread the good […]

September Notes

by Sonoma Church

September marks the birth of a Church, which consists of a group of friends, meeting in cars, basements, parks, Tim Hortons, and other places to talk about Jesus, how we can get closer to Him, and spread His message of salvation to the city of Brampton and beyond. We will design a website, setup a […]