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Mouth problems = heart problems

by Sonoma Church

Jesus tells us that every word that comes out of our mouth comes from our heart. So if you have cursing, gossip, slander, trash talk coming out of your mouth constantly, it means there is something spiritually wrong with your heart, it means your heart is full of poison and you need emergency help from […]

Back to the Future

by Sonoma Church

Some church plants have launched with $1M in the bank and have shut down, some have succeeded. Some church plants have launched with $0 in the bank (like us) and have shut down, some have succeeded (which is what we are hoping for us). There are plenty of church planting seminars and courses and coaches […]

Hot Weather – Hot Faith – Sonoma Church

by Sonoma Church

Our friends at the Meeting House church celebrated their 25th anniversary in June, and we were very glad to see that happen. They’ve been a huge blessing to so many people including us. We hope Sonoma Church will one day celebrate a 25th, we haven’t even celebrated a first year as yet. But God willing, […]

November Insanity

by Sonoma Church

Our team put up over one hundred fliers in flier friendly places around Jim Arch in Brampton. About 48hrs later, most of them were vandalized, torn down, torn in half, etc, while the other fliers remained untouched. Our website is hacked into and replaced with an Islamic Militant web page. The group is getting antsy, […]