And so ends another year. And what a year it was.


We partnered with several churches in Brampton for Outreach, reaching around 10,000 people 1-on-1 with the gospel message. Some people were angry, some didn’t care, others gave their life to the Lord and are now faithful members of a church near them. Many lives were saved.

Participated in 2 mission trips including Bolivia and Australia.

Went on several field trips including a worship night with Jesus Culture (there were over 4,000 people there from different churches).

Canceled our beloved movie nights even though they had the highest attendance.

Several of our formerly non believing attenders gave their life to Jesus for the first time.

Heard 50 amazing testimonies from people of all walks of life who have been changed by Jesus

Grew much stronger in our faith. There has been so much spiritual growth and discipleship at Sonoma Church this year. We started with people not even owning bibles to them actually bringing their bibles to church each service.

We are still very new and small, keep us in your prayers!