Until the age of 15 I didn’t know God, and those first 15 years of my life were
messed up.

I was making wrong choices, hanging with the wrong people, I dealt with many
issues in my life, kept to myself, didn’t have many friends, struggled with
pornography – heading down a very dark road.

The first time I stepped foot in a church I felt “accepted” I never felt like this
before. People who did not know me cared the world about me. Then when the
worship started I broke down in front of God, before then I lived a life where
men shouldn’t show emotion or weakness, but I couldn’t take it.

To know Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and everything I had done
till that point could be forgiven, it was an amazing feeling.

On that day I accepted Christ as my personal savior. And since then I have been
doing amazing, God changed my life, I have friends that care the world for me,
I can wake up every morning and say God loves me and cares for me. This
wonderful gift is free, God died for you and me, all He wants you to do is accept
Him, He does not expect perfection, cause none of us are perfect. But He is.

He just wants to love you.

So if you have been in need of such a love that will never die, I fully suggest
giving your life to God, it’s the best decision you can make. Its also simple, just
pray to God, He is always listening, and tell Him you need Him and ask Him into
your life. And then God will answer in some way.

Your age, sex, race has nothing to do with it. God made us all and loves us all
the same, it does not matter what you have done in your life, God already paid
the price for you.

You have a loving God who wants your heart and I pray that you will accept Him

Jesus loves you!