Today as we speak there are people working hard to remove Christianity from the schools, meanwhile they are forcing Christian children to perform prayers to another religion in those same public schools and nobody is speaking up because they are too scared.

Some of you won’t force your kids to come to church if they don’t want to come, but you’ll gladly allow them to pray to another god at school and won’t put up a fight. What kind of cowardice is that?

There’s a very famous atheist, actually he’s pretty much the most famous atheist in the world named Richard Dawkins and for decades he’s been insulting Christianity. Today he’s changed his tune a little bit. He says that he’s concerned about the invasion of a certain religion-of-terror and he says that Christianity is the only way we’ll be able to stop this horrible other religion from taking over and destroying the world.

If an atheist who hates Christianity would actually stand up and say something nice about Christianity, and say that Christianity is the only hope for salvation of modern society, then isn’t it time you so called Christians also stand up for your faith?

My point is, this is a war between Jesus and Satan, and you are either on Jesus side or Satan’s side. There’s only 2 sides and complacency is not an option.