Well, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is, those of you who said yes, are making the right decision.

But the bad news is, God will complicate your life and rearrange your plans.

From The beginning to the end of the Bible, from Moses all the way to Matthew, many of God’s people had a straight forward and possibly enjoyable and delightful life until God showed up and complicated it.

Moses was a wealthy and powerful prince living in Pharaoh’s castle enjoying the finest things that life had to offer until God introduced Himself to Moses. Matthew the tax collector had mansions and a great income before He met Jesus and lost it all to follow Jesus.

Luke the physician was a well respected scientist who didn’t even follow God, he set out on a life changing journey to either prove or disprove that Jesus is Lord and when Luke found out Jesus was Lord, it complicated his life.

Be honest with me, a show of hands, do any of you watch prosperity preachers on the tv or radio or podcasts? They’ll destroy your life. They’ll ruin your life. And you’ll be sorry. And if your children overhear you listening to that filth, it will ruin their life and they won’t respect you. Prosperity preachers promise easy wealth and healing and a life where God is a genie in a bottle who answers your prayers and gives you everything you want as long as you speak positive words and send the prosperity preacher money.

I honestly and 100% feel that watching prosperity preachers is the exact same as doing hard drugs. Both lie to you, both are meant to artificially excite you, both waste your time, and ultimately both sets you up for failure.

God will not always give you what you want on this earth. God will re-organize your life, your schedule, your finances, God will complicate your life big time!

If you don’t follow God, you can do whatever you want and live your life for yourself.

But yes, if you follow God, He will overtake your life. In the end, in heaven, you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted plus infinitely more but during this life time, you’ll have to dedicate your life to God’s will, not your will.

Following God is worth it, but very very difficult. Most people cannot do it.